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How to Decide on a Construction Management Degree Program near Berry Alabama

Berry AL construction manager at work siteOnce you have decided to obtain a degree in construction management near Berry AL, the next step is to start looking for the ideal program and school. There are a number of things to consider when selecting a college or vocational school, so it’s imperative to have your list of qualifications prepared before initiating the process. Usually prospective students first search for programs that are nearby their home. Afterward, out of those schools they target the ones that have the most affordable tuition. Although tuition and location are two very important issues when choosing a construction management school, they are not the only ones. Additional ones, such as accreditation and reputation can be equally as important. The bottom line is that you must evaluate and compare all of the qualifications of each school you are considering so that you pick the ideal one for your goals and career objectives. Toward that end, we will review what some of those qualifications are. But first, let’s talk about what is included in training to become a construction manager.

Degrees Available in Construction Management

Berry AL construction manager reading blueprintsConstruction management, as defined, is to plan, coordinate and control a construction project from start to finish. There are multiple options offered to obtain a construction management degree. Specialized training at the undergraduate and graduate levels is also available with certificate programs. The higher the degree, the more the student will progress into the business and financial side of construction. Below are several brief descriptions of the different kinds of credentials that are offered in Berry AL.

  • Certificate Programs are typically completed in a single year and provide specialty training. They can be valuable for those with either experience or a degree who are looking for a credential to boost their career in a certain area.
  • Associate Degrees are two year programs that furnish a strong basis in the fundamental concepts of construction. A high school diploma or GED is required to apply. The credit hours can generally be applied to an undergraduate degree at a later date.
  • Bachelor’s Degrees advance from the foundational studies of the Associate Degree to the managing of more complex construction projects. Usually they are 4 year programs that call for both general education in addition to construction management classes.
  • Master’s Degrees are two year programs requiring a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field. They provide more in-depth skill sets and knowledge than the lower level degrees. Master’s Degrees will help ready managers for advanced or management positions, concentrating on such topics as marketing, financial planning, and the development of real estate.

The majority of Berry AL employers usually look for a Bachelor’s Degree or higher when recruiting for a construction management opening. That does not suggest that the Associate Degree is not a worthwhile credential. Earning an Associate Degree is a great way to gain a foundational education that can help launch your career in such areas as construction contracting and cost estimation. When your career is secured you always have the option to return to school to obtain a more advanced degree in the future.

Construction Management Licensing and Certification Prerequisites

There are multiple agencies that provide construction management certifications, which assess the knowledge and experience of individuals applying. Numerous Berry AL employers require not just a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college, but additionally certification from a respected organization, for example the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA). A few of the qualifications that certification can vouch for are

  • Formal education
  • Professional experience
  • Proven ability
  • Knowledge

Many states have licensing prerequisites for contractors or construction managers. Of those mandating licensing, several also require certification for various types of work. Certification is also a means to prove to Berry AL employers that you are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in your field. Therefore be sure to verify the certification and licensing requirements for your local area before selecting a construction management school in Alabama.

Online Construction Management Degree Programs

attending construction management school online in Berry ALStudents who don’t have locally available Berry AL construction management programs or who just want the flexibility and convenience of earning their degree online will find that there are fully accredited alternatives offered. Schools are located throughout the USA providing online degree programs similar to their traditional competitors. The online approach to learning may be a more accessible choice for those with busy work schedules or family commitments. Being able to attend classes on any PC or laptop and study at your own speed makes it the sole option for some students. Plus online schools are frequently more affordable than on-campus options. But similarly as with any college or school, be sure that the online degree program you choose is accredited by a recognized regional or national accrediting organization, for instance the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). Accreditation helps ensure that the program and teachers are of the highest quality and that the course material is both current and comprehensive. So if you are motivated and can devote yourself to this type of learning, obtaining your construction management degree online might be the right option for you.

Concerns to Ask Construction Management Programs

Once you have selected what type of certificate or degree you would like to obtain, you can start to compare colleges. There are numerous schools and colleges near Berry AL and throughout Alabama that offer construction management degree programs. With so many choices available, it’s necessary to establish in advance which qualifications are important when evaluating colleges. We have previously discussed the first 2 that frequently come to mind, cost and location. While they are significant qualifiers, there are additional ones that are equally important and need to be considered also. So following are several additional factors that can help with the development of your due diligence check-list for construction manager degree programs.

 Are the Schools Accredited?  The construction management school and degree program you choose should be accredited by a U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting organization.  The school itself can earn Institutional Accreditation based on all of its programs.  However, the program you choose should be accredited as well, which is known as Programmatic Accreditation.  Accrediting organizations such as The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) help ensure that you receive a quality education.  Accreditation may also assist in obtaining financial aid or student loans, often not available in Berry AL for non-accredited schools.  Many employers require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited school.  And accreditation may also be required for obtaining a license or professional certifications as well.

Do they have Job Placement Programs?  Many construction management colleges have job placement programs that will help you find employment upon graduation.  Find out if the schools you are considering provide job placement.  They should have relationships with local Berry AL unions, construction companies and contractors to which they can refer their students.  Older schools may have a large network of graduates that they can refer students to.  One thing to keep in mind is that the schools’ job placement networks may be within their local areas.  If that is the case, be sure that the school is in a location where you will ultimately want to work.

What are their Completion and Job Placement Rates?   The construction management program you choose should have a high completion rate.  The completion rate is the percentage of students that enroll in and complete an educational degree.  A low rate may indicate that many students were unhappy with the course material or instructors and dropped out.  The job placement rate, which is the percentage of students placed in a job by the school, is a good indicator of the quality of the education.  A high rate will help confirm that the school and program has a good reputation within the Berry AL construction industry.  It also indicates that the school has a large network of professional contacts to refer students to upon graduation.

Where are the Schools Located?  The location of the school is important, particularly if it needs to be within driving distance of your Berry AL residence.  If you should decide to attend an out-of-state school, in addition to relocation costs you may have to pay a higher tuition as an out-of-state resident.  Some schools, such as community colleges, even have lower tuition for those living within their districts.  As we have previously discussed, if the construction management school offers a job placement program, their placements are probably within the school’s local community.  So the location of the school should be in an area or state where you ultimately want to work.

Are the Classes Small?   Smaller classes allow for more interaction between students and instructors, as well as more individual instruction.  It’s easy to get lost in larger classes and not receive much personal attention.  Find out what the average size is for the construction management classes you are considering.  Ask if you can sit in on a few classes so that you can see how much individual attention the students are receiving.  While there, speak with some of the students and get their feedback.  Also, talk to some of the instructors and find out what their construction experience has been in the Berry AL area and what credentials and certifications they hold.

Are Classes Offered that Fit Your Schedule?  Many people learn a new trade while still working at their current job.  Find out if the class schedules for the schools you are considering are flexible enough to meet your needs.  If you can only attend classes at night or on weekends near Berry AL, make sure that the schools you are considering offer those options.  If you can only attend on a part-time basis, make sure that the school you select offers part-time enrollment.  Also, find out what their policy is to make up classes should you miss any due to work, illness or family emergencies.

Why Did You Desire to Become a Construction Manager?

When getting ready to interview for a Construction Management position, it's helpful to consider questions you could be asked. One of the things that hiring managers frequently ask Construction Management applicants is "What drove you to select Construction as a profession?". What the interviewer is hoping to learn is not merely the private reasons you may have for being a Manager in Construction, but additionally what characteristics and abilities you possess that make you exceptional at your profession. You will probably be asked questions relating exclusively to Construction and Management, in addition to a significant number of typical interview questions, so you must organize a number of strategies about how you want to respond to them. Given that there are numerous factors that go into selecting a career, you can respond to this fundamental question in a variety of ways. When readying an answer, try to include the reasons the work appeals to you in addition to the strengths you have that make you an excellent Construction Manager and the best candidate for the position. Don't try to memorize an answer, but take down a few ideas and talking points that pertain to your personal experiences and strengths. Reviewing sample responses can help you to formulate your own thoughts, and inspire ideas of what to include to enthuse the recruiter.

Choose the Right Construction Management School near Berry AL

The most important decision that you will make to start your new career in construction management is to choose the right school.  As we have discussed in this article, it’s important to know what you‘re looking for before you begin your search for a quality program.  One of the best ways to research the schools you’re considering is to visit them in person and speak with the faculty and students.  Sit in on some classes.  Inspect the campus and facilities.  Be confident that the school you ultimately select is the right one for you.  With a proper education, hard work and discipline, the end result will be a successful career as a construction manager in Berry Alabama.

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